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Marketing Events to Attend in 2024

15 B2B marketing events you don't want to miss in 2024

2024 promises an exciting ride and we’ve already got our seatbelts on. You might want to buckle up yours, as we’ve curated a list of 15 B2B marketing events taking place all over the globe that you won’t want to miss. If you work in B2B, especially in MarTech, then here are your chances to fuel your strategies, connect with like-minded folks and stay on top of the latest trends in B2B marketing.

Want a TL;DR? Just click any link below.


1. B2B Marketing Expo USA
2. LeadsCon 2024
3. Strategic Marketing West
4. Gartner Marketing Symposium
6. Content Marketing World


7. Digital Marketing Europe 2024
8. Digital Marketing World Forum
9. Ignite London
10. Web Summit
11. MarTech Summit
12. B2B Marketing Expo 2024


13. DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival
15. DigiMarCon Israel


B2B Marketing events in the US you don’t want to miss in 2024

B2B Marketing Expo USA
  • When: March, 6-7 2024
  • Where: Miami Beach, FL, US

Imagine a marketing playground where there’s enough toys for everyone to play. This expo brings together experts sharing valuable insights, plus there are workshops and opportunities to connect with others. The speakers’ line-up is still growing, so you might want to follow B2B Marketing Expo on LinkedIn to stay up to date with their announcements.

LeadsCon 2024
  • When: April 8-10, 2024
  • Where: Las Vegas, NV, US

Whether you’re an expert on LeadGen or barely even starting, this conference is your place for optimizing your lead generation efforts along with over 3,000 other visitors. Expect expert-led sessions, case studies, and a chance to check out the latest tools in the lead conversion game.

The conference will focus on topics like:

  • GenAI and how it can help your business,
  • optimizing your customer acquisition strategy and
  • enhancing lead quality.
Strategic Marketing West
  • When: May 8-9, 2024
  • Where: Los Angeles, US

Organized by Reuters, Strategic Marketing West 2024, #SM24 in short, will be focusing on “mastering data-driven creativity”, especially around GenAI helping B2B marketers engage with potential customers. This conference is a place where strategy meets execution and you’ll be able to learn in detail about leveraging GenAI to serve your business, mastering personalized content and storytelling and achieving guaranteed ROI. You'll be able to gain insights on innovative strategies and leadership tips to align your efforts with business goals.

Gartner Marketing Symposium
  • When: June 3-5, 2024
  • Where: Denver, CO, US

The Gartner Marketing Symposium will be grounded in research and enriched with practical strategies. This year’s focus is “Lead Marketing Through Disruption’s Next Wave”, so you can be sure you’ll be ready for whatever 2024 has in store for B2B marketing.

Hear directly from Gartner experts including Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone and Matt Moorut about delivering a defensible marketing strategy and evolving brand management to react to rapid change.

  • When: September 18-20, 2024
  • Where: Boston, MA, US

Get ready to be inspired! INBOUND is all about inbound marketing strategies, customer-centric tactics, and the latest digital trends. Plus, the networking opportunities are gold. Psst, there’s a VIP party the day before the event begins.

The speakers’ list hasn’t been revealed yet, so you might want to follow INBOUND on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the announcements.

Content Marketing World
  • When: October 21-23, 2024
  • Where: San Diego, CA, US

If content is king, then this event is the royal palace. Get ready for a deep dive into the art and science of creating content that not only resonates but also converts like crazy. Organized by the Content Marketing Institute for the 14th time now and with keynote speakers including Jan Ahrens from Statista, Randy Apuzzo from and Deane Barker from Optimizely, this event is destined to deliver.

B2B Marketing events in Europe you don’t want to miss in 2024

Digital Marketing Europe
  • When: March 20-21, 2024
  • Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

It’s a melting pot of Europe’s marketing brilliance. In its 5th edition already, this conference allows you to dive deep into the latest digital trends, and get the lowdown on international market strategies that can reshape your approach.

Follow Digital Marketing Europe on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the speakers lineup.

Digital Marketing World Forum
  • When: June 25-26, 2024
  • Where: London, UK

This one's for the digital marketing enthusiasts out there. Expect the latest in tech, immersive masterclasses, and engaging discussions with industry leaders. It's a global perspective on future-proofing your B2B marketing strategies. Topics will include:

  • cookie-less future,
  • AI in marketing and
  • building successful full-funnel marketing strategies.
Ignite London
  • When: July 3, 2024
  • Where: London, UK

Get ready to fuel your marketing strategies! Ignite London offers a dynamic mix of inspiration, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities that will elevate your game, bringing the entire B2B Marketing industry together. 

Last year, the keynote speakers included Dan Swift from Numentum and Antonia Wade from PwC, so you know you can expect high quality presentations and panels.

Web Summit
  • When: November 11-14, 2024
  • Where: Lisbon, Portugal

One of the hottest events on the entire continent, Web Summit is all about the thrilling intersection of marketing and technology where you can dive into the future of digital marketing while rubbing shoulders with tech innovators from around the world.

This year’s line-up includes Melanie Nakagawa from Microsoft, Todd Olson from Pendo, and Daniel Yannisse from Checkr. And yes, Lisbon’s still sunny in November.

MarTech Summit
  • When: November 13-14, 2024
  • Where: London, UK

#MarTechSummit is your place to be if your main focus is B2B tech marketing. In a place where you can network with and learn from +250 CMOs, Heads and Directors and hear directly from keynote speakers like Simon Dring from Mention Me, Peter Bell from Segment by Twilio and Oliver Sheerin from Bloomreach, you’re sure to stay ahead of the game with insights into emerging technologies and strategies.

B2B Marketing Expo 2024
  • When: November 27-28, 2024
  • Where: London, UK

This expo is your comprehensive toolkit to killer B2B strategies. Hear from over +120 speakers and attend live demos to see Europe’s marketing excellence in action.

The speakers’ list hasn’t been confirmed yet, but you can sign up to the event’s newsletter to make sure you get to know it on time.

B2B Marketing events in Israel you don’t want to miss in 2024

Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Festival
  • When: April 8-12, 2024
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Even though the TLV Sparks Innovation Festival doesn’t focus on B2B Marketing specifically, there’s a fusion of different industries awaiting for you to learn from! You can explore cross-industry collaborations and gain insights into innovations shaping the future of marketing, within themes like cyber, fintech, EduTech or IoT.

  • When: TBA
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

You’re looking at an event that gathers over 2,800 affiliates and digital marketers in one place to dive deep into the latest trends, connect with industry leaders, and explore collaboration opportunities. It's where the magic of digital marketing unfolds. With Israel’s marketing hub constantly growing at rapid speed, you can expect to learn a lot.

DigiMarCon Israel
  • When: TBA
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

This is just one of an entire series of DigiMarCon events that spread across the globe. If you want to learn more on B2B Marketing around web, mobile, AdTech, MarTech and SaaS technologies, that’s your place to be.

We already know some of the exciting names from the keynote speakers list include Fernando Angulo from Semrush, Tom Shapiro from Stratabeat and Ashley Faus from Atlassian, so we highly recommend that you add this event to your calendar.


So there you have it, fellow B2B marketers. Have fun, learn and if you happen to attend the same event as we do, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Psst, we announce all the events we’re speaking at on our LinkedIn page.

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