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2023 Will Be A Piece Of Cake….....Said No One Lately

Your targets are set. But reaching them is hard to do by yourself. We get it. Because we’re in the trenches, fighting the good fight with B2B tech companies every day.

We’re ENVY: Strategy, Digital Marketing and RevOps agency. 

Name change alert: From Marketing Envy to Envy

We are not fans of rebranding and name changes by any stretch of the imagination. They are a time and cost sink that most companies don’t actually need to go through. But we won’t dig into that rabbit hole of why many CMOs do embark down that road. 

The decision to chop the ‘Marketing’ out of our brand name came from the need to adapt to market changes.

Strong marketing is no longer  enough to succeed

Marketing Envy was founded over eight years ago, at a time when the B2B marketing playbook was being re-written. Our services focused on helping marketing teams capture leading positions within their markets, using excellent inbound marketing tactics, well planned paid media campaigns, and with HubSpot’s Marketing Platform at the center of it all.

This approach served our clients, and us, well. Things were, let’s admit it, simpler. 

It was enough for B2B CMOs and their marketing team to do excellent work as a silo department in order to generate a healthy pipeline, while sales did their thing.

Even the seasonal arguments between sales and marketing over lead quality,  attribution and the (inconsistent) data entry into the CRM were factored in.

Everybody knew that ‘Alignment’ is an ideal to strive for, few did more than pay lip service to it, fewer still actually achieved true sales-marketing alignment. It was… enough.

Life was indeed easy(er). But those days are long gone. 

Marketing teams working in silos are practically begging for their efforts to flop and their marketing Dollars to vanish into thin air. Sales teams focusing just on their quotas and ignoring the many ways they can build off of their marketing colleagues’ efforts, are likely to underperform.

In enters RevOps, charging through an open door

RevOps was born out of the need and understanding that Marketing <> Sales <> Customer support/service all need to work together with aligned tech stack and processes in order for the lead generation machine to function well. In a B2B tech company where this does not happen, you get the equivalent of a ship sailing with a gigantic, Titanic style, hole to contend with. And we all know what happened to Leonardo Di Caprio at the end of that one.
  • Using a spreadsheet and Post-its to lump together the leads from your events and that mailing list you purchased will not be helpful to your sales team.
  • If your HubSpot and SalesForce are not in sync, how do you really know which campaign generated the opportunities or clients?
  • If your sales team is tracking down and pouncing on everyone who entered your website, are you really giving your future buyers the experience they deserve?
  • Don’t you feel rather stupid contacting a customer to renew their license without first seeing that they’ve opened 10 grumbling support tickets this month?

Having a RevOps function that aligns Marketing <> Sales <> Customer support/service teams solves that and leads to greater efficiency…. Great efficiency leads to cost savings, better insights into your, well everything, and basically makes it far more feasible for your company to hit its targets.

It’s really not simple, but this is where B2B tech companies are heading in droves. Why? Because they can't afford not to. 2023 will not be a piece of cake for most and those brands who stand out to become the envy of their eco-system will need to rely on superb foundations.

So back to why the name change? We’re far more than marketing…. And have been for a while.

To all of you who loved and cared for our beloved cartoon animals, we thank you. They have all been released to mother nature.

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