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Are You Using Organic LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B lead generation, and in 2023, the use of organic LinkedIn lead generation forms has become increasingly relevant for businesses. Yes, even yours. I’ll walk you through the concept of organic LinkedIn lead generation forms, how to set them up, their potential uses, and their effectiveness in the current B2B marketing arena.

Understanding Organic LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Organic LinkedIn lead generation forms are a way for businesses to capture leads directly from their company page. These forms allow visitors to express interest in a company, product, or service and provide their contact information for further communication. Yay for that, right? Maybe they really liked a post you uploaded and now they want to reach out. Maybe they’re researching you after being impressed by an ad they saw and now they want to contact you. 
Unlike paid LinkedIn lead generation forms, which are often associated with ads and promotions, organic forms are integrated into a company's LinkedIn page. 

Setting Up Organic LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms 

To set up an organic LinkedIn lead generation form follow these five steps:

1. Navigate to the LinkedIn page where you are an admin and click on "Edit Page."

Navigate to edit page
2. Click on "Lead Gen Form" in the left-hand bar.

click on lead gen form
3. Choose a call to action (CTA) from options such as "Contact Sales," "Request a Free Demo," "Start a Free Trial," or "Get Started."

4. Add your privacy policy URL and create an interesting headline (max 50 characters) and body copy (max 200 characters) to direct visitors to take action. Remember folk, this is prime text real estate, use it wisely to stand out.

5. Preview your form, ensuring everything looks good, and then launch it. 

You can check if any leads have been submitted on your LinkedIn page by clicking Analytics and going to 'Leads'.

where to find those organic leads

From there you will be able to click in and view the lead. It's all very manual right now and does not integrate with HubSpot just yet, but at the pace that HubSpot usually sets we expect it won't be long. 

What can I use organic LinkedIn lead generation forms for?

To generate leads without spending a dime! Organic LinkedIn lead generation forms can be used to generate leads in a number of different creative ways. These include:

  • Offering valuable content, such as guides or whitepapers, in exchange for contact information.
  • Providing opportunities for visitors to schedule a demo or consultation.
  • Allowing users to sign up for webinars or events directly from your LinkedIn page.

The key is to make it as simple and easy as possible for someone to submit their details and engage with your business. Believe me when I say, the less they need to fill in, the more leads you’ll see. I usually go with ‘Name’, ‘Email’, and ‘Job Title’.

Are organic LinkedIn lead generation forms effective?

Since these forms are not integrated with your CRM, like paid form campaigns, for example, response times will probably be slower. But, organic forms are still a valuable addition to your lead generation strategy, providing another way for potential customers to connect with your business. As a leading B2B Tech marketing agency, with lots and lots of experience working with these forms, we believe in testing new methods and monitoring the impact of organic LinkedIn lead generation forms on B2B marketing leads.

These forms boast some of the best marketing metrics among all lead generation channels, with excellent conversion rates and high-quality leads
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