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HubSpot Feature: Embedding in HubSpot’s Dashboards

You probably already know this, but showing how your B2B marketing efforts impact the organization is usually not a simple process. The need to create the right reports, while highlighting the best insights, can be quite tedious.

What happens when you encounter a problem, such as when you’re unable to build the report that you so badly want, and need to use an external tool, such as Google Sheets?

What if it’s not a report, and it’s just a piece of content that shows a certain instance of success?

Jumping between tabs and many slides during a presentation isn’t the ideal way of presenting your data. Ideally, you should unify your content into one central Hubpost marketing dashboard, and from there focus on one piece at a time.

Obviously, each situation is different, but there is something that can be done. Not too long ago HubSpot added a new functionality to their platform that lets you embed external content into your reporting dashboard. This new feature sort of slipped by unnoticed, but it’s actually one of the simplest functions to do in HubSpot.  All you need to do is copy the URL or the embed code into HubSpot, and it’ll appear directly in your dashboard. Here's how it's done:

How to embed external content into your HubSpot reporting dashboard

  1. The first step is going to the relevant dashboard. This is done by pressing the “Reports” tab, and then clicking “Dashboards”. 
    HubSpot Dashboard
  2. Once you’ve chosen the right dashboard, all you need to do is press “Actions” on the top right, and click on “Add external content”. From there, a popup window will appear with different options.
    Adding external content into HubSpot Dashboard
    If you press “other content”, it will ask for the “Title” and for the “URL or embed code”. For our example, we’ll just use the title “Test”, and insert the URL of a test file that I created.
  3. Once you do that, a preview of the piece of content will appear. If everything looks right, go ahead and press “Create”. Embedding content in HubSpot Dashboard
    Crack Marketing Automation

You’ll see that the piece of content you added is now a part of the dashboard. One of the cool things here is that you can pretty much update in real-time through HubSpot. You don’t even need to go into that file in a separate browser tab to update it. 


HubSpot Dashboard with embedded Google Sheet

I can imagine many cases where this would be helpful. For example, if you have several Google sheets and documents that you need to update daily or weekly, all you have to do is go to your dashboard in HubSpot and update them from there.

Managers who want to keep track of how their B2B cyber security marketing team is performing, or which file they’re working on can also use this as all the information is updated in real time. Honestly, just the thought of not having to go into Google Drive and try to locate the relevant files is a huge plus for me! Hubspot's marketing dashboards are a godsend if you're looking to concentrate all your marketing efforts in one place. 

Now that you know how to embed external content into HubSpot reporting dashboards, try it out yourself for your B2B cyber security marketing! 

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