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The Ultimate Top 10 FinTech Experts and Influencers List

It was a (very) tough job but somebody had to do it. Calling out our top 10 pick of FinTech influencers. They’ll keep you updated with everything you need to know in the world of FinTech, and basically leave you wondering how you previously survived without them.

Thriving is the operative word here. FinTech is thriving, and so it should be.

The FinTech industry has made its mark as the upstart of tech, disrupting their traditional counterparts in the finance sector. These upstarts are bringing in the business too, with investments of over $5.1 billion made into FinTech’s in Q3 of 2017, and 5.8 billion in Q4 of 2017.

As marketing specialists in FinTech, we are knee deep in the sector and are loving the daily dynamics.

And the best way to keep ourselves abreast is by following the right people on social media – especially Twitter –  so we can continue to advise our clients with our collective eyes and expertise by being 100% on the inside of everything FinTech.

So here we go: I’m happy to share our favorite FinTech experts and influencers. They are who we go to for everything FinTech; take a look. Have we left anyone out? Who? Let us know :)

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Mike Quindazzi

@MikeQuindazzi 90K followers

How to take innovative technology and turn it into a competitive advantage for an organization? Check out Mike’s predictions about AI in 2018, the managing director of PWC’s consulting firm Strategy&, who has been included in Jax Finance’s “Top 20 Social Influencers in Fintech 2018.

Spiros Margaris

@SpirosMargaris 57.5K followers

A Venture Partner with SparkLabs Group and ranked the number 1 influencer in FinTech by Onalytica, don’t miss Spiros Margaris. Currently on the advisory board of wefox Group (who own Insurtech companies) and regularly posting on LinkedIn, “Future of Fintech. A Combination of Barbarella & 2001: A Space Odyssey” gives you some of his cool predictions and is a great read.

Laura Shin

@laurashin 96.8K followers

Here’s a fabulous specialist in crypto and blockchain technology. Laura is a senior editor at Forbes and also a co-lead reporter for the Forbes Fintech 50 list. Check out her latest update on the space, “Forbes Fintech 50 2018: The Future Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency”. Laura is also a host of "Unchained: Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain," a podcast about industry pioneers in FinTech.

Vitalik Buterin

@VitalikButerin 798K followers

Co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine (2011) and Ethereum (2013), Vitalik Buterin is only 24 years old and someone we’re all keeping our eyes on! He has won many awards including the Thiel Fellowship Award and the World Technology Award in the IT Software Category and is named on the Forbes 30 under 30 and Fortune 40 under 40 lists. Vitalik regularly posts about medium and blockchain technologies and is an advisor on many Fintech projects.  

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Pascal Bouvier

@pascalbouvier 11.9K followers

An investment partner at Santander InnoVentures, Pascal’s blog, “Finiculture” is a nothing short of a great read for insights on the finance sector. Most certainly unforgettable with his signature fancy orange glasses, Pascal is most “fascinated by the creative tension that lies at the intersection of technology and society.” For a quick taste, check out his post “The Sacred and the Profane.”

Chris Skinner

@Chris_Skinner 42.2K followers

Chris Skinner is truly one of those unforgettable social media power users, especially Twitter. He describes himself as “Author, Speaker, and Troublemaker.” Long-time chairman of the influential “Financial Services Club” and a well-known blogger on emerging tech in the financial space at The Finanser, Chris won’t mince words in telling you how technologies like blockchain will change the finance industry. A must read – Chris’s book Digital Human which looks at the 4th Industrial Revolution and automation with reference to FinTech.

Ghela Boskovich

@GhelaBoskovich 6,405 followers

Yes, Ghela is your go-to person on technology, diversity, and inclusion in the finance sector, and is admirably working to change the role of women in FinTech. Ghela is the founder of FemTechGlobal and head of FinTech Partnerships at Rainmaking Innovation. If you want an alternative take on Fintech, read how activism can impact banking in “The Don of the Protest Era: Why it Matters for Banking” or her post on “Measuring Success.”

Jim Marous

@JimMarous 65.4K followers

“We have to decide to take risks, embrace change, and disrupt ourselves” –  just one of Jim’s grab-you messages in a must watch YouTube video. Owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report and co-publisher of The Financial Brand, Jim is a financial industry strategist and one of the most influential people in banking.

Merete Buljo

@MereteBuljo 11.3K followers

If your French is up to par, you’ll want to be following Merete Buljo. A regular speaker at “The Game Changer,” Merete is ranked the number 1 most influential CDO in France by Brandwatch and number 18 in Jax Finance’s top social influencers in FinTech.  

Tom Groenfeldt

@Tomgroenfeldt 4,426 followers

Tom is next on our list and deservingly so. A writer for Forbes, take a look at this thought-provoking piece, “Software Is Eating The World, Starting With Finance.” Named as one of the 25 top global finserv influencers in 2015, Tom writes about finance and technology and their intersection for Banking Technology Magazine and International Finance Magazine. You can also catch Tom speaking at the US Money2020 conference this coming October.

So tell us what you think of our list of FinTech influencers.

Who’s on your list that’s not on ours?

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