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Why Top Cybersec Marketers Are Turning to ABM

It’s a huge task to compete against ~ 3,500 other companies on a daily basis–but that’s precisely what’s happening in the cybersec space. It almost doesn’t matter how many grand campaigns you’re planning, the competition for attention is immense and only those vendors who dare to stand out get noticed. This is exactly why your...

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5 Reasons Why Your ABM Campaign Can Fail

We know Account Based Marketing (ABM) works, and studies back it up–companies are observing 84% pipeline growth and 77% revenue growth. But the harsh truth is, some ABM campaigns still fail and they do so spectacularly. Worry not, as we might know how to avoid it, and set you up for success.

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B2B PPC Campaign Strategy That Works

Paid campaigns (the term we also lovingly call PPC) - when executed with your target audience’s needs, concerns and pain points in mind - can create effective awareness around brands, products and service offerings. This, however, is only true when keeping your target audience in mind every step of the way - or funnel. In this...

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Does your ABM strategy follow these 6 steps?

Gone are the days of spray-and-pray marketing tactics. B2B audiences are now more discerning, more informed, and frankly, less tolerant of the generic wares of yesteryear. Account based marketing strategy is your tailored response—a direct and personalized approach to winning over prospects. What’s more, it's tried and tested...

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